Some people search their whole lives to answer, "What would be your last meal on earth?" I have the answer, and it's the Noodles Panang from Cozy Noodle.

The crispy noodles take you through a journey from perfectly crispy to melt-in-your-mouth. I've never had another Thai dish like it, and probably never will.

Every time I come back to visit Chicago, I can be found at Cozy Noodle at least twice.
  I've been coming here since it opened. Tee and Julie are dear friends now and own/run the best Thai spot anywhere I've ever been. The menu comes in mostly under $10.00 and you really cant go wrong with anything. Menu highlights include Bamee noodles, spicey pad thai with tofu, panang noodles and hands down best coconut milk soup on the planet. You get to enjoy all of this while sitting in this cozy ( full fun intended) little spot near Wrigley Field. Old toys adorn the walls and the tables are old sewing machines converted into tables. When you come and you should tell Tee and Julie Big John sent you. !
  A gem in the city! For someone who doesn't like Thai food they still had a huge selection of options and I easily found an entree I was interested in! The atmosphere is vintage with old memorabilia on the walls. The tables are made from old sewing machines. It doesn't fit a "classic thai restaurant environment" which makes it unique! Affordable prices tat don't make me feel like I'm splurging! Be back in a heart beat soon!
  Went to Cozy years ago for the first time and did not know where in the city I was. Loved every bite and wondered for years if I'd ever stumble across it again. Moved back to the city in December 2012 and lo and behold-- Cozy is 30 yards away from my front door! I have now probably been to Cozy hundreds of times since, including a very fun, boozey, and delicious new years eve. Everything is wonderful and the BYOB aspect is hard to hate on. If you're a foody or someone who rates restaurants based on super chatty and attentive american style table service... well, then, you probably don't eat $ Thai anyways. Service is prompt, kind, and efficient. Compared to its competitors, Cozy is by far the best in the neighborhood. Highly recommend for easy, inexpensive, delicious, consistent, and fun Thai food in Lakeview.
The soup had a perfect blend of broth, chicken and noodles. It is a meal by itself at a fraction of a cost. Very inexpensive!
Great big bowl of soup for only 1.99!!!. Very tasty. Split with friend and get more entrees! appetizers! very special special!
Thanks so much for suggesting your new soup. We both absolutely loved it and we think it's a great addition to your menu. We look forward to coming back soon!
I really enjoyed the chicken soup. It was just what I wanted on a rainy day! I really liked the side too. Thanks from Fort Wayne, IN :)
Hot yummy soup and a spring roll for the cheapest price ever ever seen! Thank you
It was delicious! I couldn't believe how much we got for just $1.99! It was a meal in and of itself.