COZY Today's Specials

All specials cooked with personal touch by chef owner, Tee Cozy
Proud to be a part of Wrigleyville community over the decade.

Dine in only.

Salmon Pad Thai $15.25
Special fresh thin home noodles, clear water norway salmon, green onions, bean sprouts, egg, roasted peanut.

Teriyaki Roasted Duck $16.95
Crispy half roasted duck, bedded on mixed fresh salad + light sesame dressing topped with house teriyaki suace.

Shrimps Salad 10.25$
Steamed shrimps, mixed lettuce, onions, red cabbage, tomatoes, cilantro. In special Thai spicy lime dressing, Tee Cozy's mom recipe.

Today Only Pad Thai 11.95$
Special fresh thin homemade noodles with chicken, green onions, nean sprouts, egg, peanut. Inspiration from Samut-Prakarn, Julie's hometown. Vegetables/beef or tofu will be $1 extra / shrimps $2.25 extra.

Cozy Salmon $15.95
Steamed marinated Norway salmon with stir-fried mixed vegetable. Delicately prepared in special fresh garlic and ginger sauce.

Cozy Brown Rice $10.95
Stir-fried brown rice with chicken, green beans, carrot, basil, egg, red bell peppers, baby corn, sweet spicy original recipe from Dixon, IL. Vegetables/beef or tofu will be $1 extra / shrimps $2.25 extra.

Seafood Panang Curry $15.95
Clear water Norway salmon, shrimps, panang curry, carrot and red bell peppers. Latest grandma recipe.

Orange Shrimps $14.95
Stir fried breaded shrimps with sweet & tangy orange sauce. Topped over bed of fresh garden salad.

Cozy's Mama soup $13.95
Thai authentic spicy soup with shrimps, baby corn, zucchini, carrot, grean bean, basil, mushroom, black peppers. Latest superios Tee Cozy's mom recipe!
Contains fish and crustacean shellfish. No substitued.

COZY Comfort Menu
All with Chicken. Beef, tofu or vegetables add $1, shrimp add $2.25

Yaki Soba $10.95
Stir fried wheat flour noodles with egg, napa, carrot and onions

Chow Mein or Lo Mein $10.95
Stir fried wheat flour eggs noodles with eggs, carrot, broccoli, zucchini, sliced mushroom, white onions and bean sprouts.

Chop Suey $10.95
Mixed garden vegetables extra sprouts and onions.

Spicy Wings $8.25
Deep fried breaded chicken wings with SRIRACHA barbecue sauce.

Chow Fun $10.95
Stir fried wide noodles with eggs, carrot, bean sprouts, zucchini and green onions.

Sesame Chicken $ 12.95
Breaded fried chicken with special house sauce. Served with fresh salad in Asian sesame dressing sauce.

General TSO's Chicken $ 12.95
Bread fried chicken with white onions & special sweet n' spicy sauce with fresh jalapenos...Spicy!

Shrimps in Garlic and Black Bean Sauce $12.95
Fresh shrimps stir fried with garlic, mixed with special homemade black bean sauce on bedded steamed broccoli.

Mongolian Beef $12.95
Stir fried marinated beef with garlic, fresh ginger and onions with special house sauce

FOOD ALLERGY WARNING! Our food may contain peanut, dairy, egg or shellfish products.



"Thank you for making cozy as a part of your day"
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